Excellent RE Project Launch

16.1.19 Launch day for Tower Hamlets Excellent RE Project

Tower Hamlets SACRE, along with RE Today were delighted to give fourteen primary schools in Tower Hamlets the opportunity to develop their RE provision through a year-long Excellent RE Project.

Over the course of a year RE Today will work alongside our schools to provide a forum for curriculum development and access to 3 ½ days of high quality, practical and inspirational CPD for RE with a focus on supporting RE as a lead subject in school improvement and SMSCD across the school.

RE is too often marginal in schools facing curriculum change. However, there is some evidence that the subject can be pivotal in raising aspirations and standards through excellent teaching and learning, and improving opportunities for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSCD). The Excellent RE Project is a sustained CPD project which will ultimately impact on RE across the school and give teachers access to many high quality resources and activities.

Many teachers, whether new to the profession or established in their teaching careers, have had little or no training in the teaching of RE, and have more concerns about teaching RE than they do of other subjects. In many schools HLTAs and TAs are involved in teaching and, in some cases, managing the subject. This project intends to increase confidence in the teaching of RE in those schools involved.

The first session, hosted by Mowlem Primary School, began with an introduction to the project and some activities where the group explored what is meant by RE Education. They also participated in a range of activities which will be directly transferrable to their work in school. I am pleased to report that several of them will also support the Mathematics curriculum particularly the ‘Statistics’ strand. So a win, win in my book!

Later the group moved on to discuss their hopes and aspirations of the course and these ideas will help to shape the future sessions of the project. Exciting times ahead!

Before the next session the group have a raft of tasks to complete - including surveying staff in their own schools!

The final session of the day explored how to manage discussion in the classroom and that sometimes opposing views will be expressed, and that treating each other with respect allows us listen and learn from each other.  

And just like that we created another graph, this time a radar/spider diagram to represent our views.

So exciting times ahead for RE in Tower Hamlets.

Join us on our journey on the 25.1.19. Blog 2.

RE Today will explore the following questions with our project schools

  • How can we improve teaching and learning in RE and cascade this throughout the school?
  • How can we create a manageable method of sharing with children realistic next steps in learning?
  • How do we ensure children are making appropriate progress in all aspects of RE?
  • How can we organise the curriculum for engaging and effective learning in RE?
  • How can improving RE have a wider impact on schools in helping pupils to take up opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development?
  • What thinking and pedagogies can energise teachers in a plural setting to make the most of RE’s potential for SMSCD?