New Course: Science Misconceptions

The training will address the following:

  • Understanding common science misconceptions
  • Pre-planning tasks to find out about pupils’ misconceptions in different areas of the science curriculum
  • Knowledge of quality materials and approaches in exploring misconceptions
  • Why there’s a need to explore misconceptions ahead of planning and along the learning journey (and not just because Ofsted says so!!)  

The benefits of attending this training are:

  • Knowledge and resources to support planning to address pupils’ misconceptions
  • Knowledge of different approaches and resources
  • Sharing strategies and ideas amongst participants

This course is suitable for:

  • Science leads or science teachers

You will be provided with:

  • An electronic copy of the training materials
  • Any relevant supporting materials


To reserve a place please book online using the ‘Services for Schools’ website

Course organised by Julia Weston -

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