Science Subject Leaders - Professional Learning and Networking Event

This event is aimed at primary science subject leaders and teachers wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of primary science education. We’ll be joined by partner organisations from across the UK who offer free or low-cost STEM resources, workshops and events to schools. Join us to find out how you can enrich your science curriculum by engaging with STEM partners.

Monday 8th June 2020
1.00pm - 5.00pm
Venue: LETTA Studio, Stebon Primary School, Wallwood Street, London E14 7AD

About the facilitators:

Earthwatch works with teachers and students to empower the next generation to take action to save our planet. They offer free, fully-funded training and engagement programmes for teachers and schools. This includes CPD training opportunities offering the tools and resources which make it easy for teachers to take science learning outside, Discover Earth Roadshows hosted in your school, which begin with an assembly and are followed by class workshops and an educator training weekend which provides a unique opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to teach and learn outdoors.


NFU Education will share their range of Farming STEMterprise projects with an exciting practical workshop that throws elements of Ready Steady Cook, The Apprentice and Countryfile into a blender and produces some brilliant learning outcomes. Expect a session of ideas for exciting practical activities and projects and a free scheme of curriculum-tailored teaching and learning resources that will allow you to infuse your wider curriculum with engaging STEM learning opportunities.


Practical Action will help you discover how to engage and inspire students in Global issues and STEM through a range of activities. Their STEM challenges give pupils the opportunity to look at a problem faced by a community in the developing world then use their own STEM skills to come up with a solution that they design, build and test. Ditch the Dirt, the Wind power challenge, Regreen the desert, and the Squashed tomato challenge are just a few examples.

Cost of course:

FREE to LETTA partners and THEP members


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